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                         Auction I of 2021

Trending: Auction I of 2021 is NOW OPEN for bidding

Pending: We are having problems with the Blue Ink in our Auction print-out catalogues. Apologies for the inconvenience. Steps are being taken to remedy this

Ending: Auction I ends on Monday April 19th at 10 PM (EST)

Should the need arise that you are considering selling your collectibles, you may want to keep us in mind. We have over (30) years of experience in dealing with all levels of consignments, ranging from 19th century memorabilia up through the 1970's. For more information - 

Contact Jim Miller for more information. All inquiries are always handled in a courteous and professional manner. klassickorner2016@gmail.com   # (609) 586 - 4815 

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We are already accepting consignments for our next auction. Contact Jim Miller - President & CEO - for more information.



James Miller is pleased to announce the opening of his new business venture: Diets for Life


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We are pleased to announce that The Classic Corner will be offering Collectible Fine Wines in our Auctions later this year. 

Currently accepting consignments for our next Auction. Contact Jim Miller for specifics